Diatomée by Nadine de Winter

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Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture

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Diatomée. Contemporary Art object by Nadine de Winter, 2016. Stoneware and oxides. Stoneware enamel mate colors lilac and white. Electric Firing at 1250°C.

My profession as a researcher allowed me to observe, under the microscope, planktonic organisms, at the origin of our evolution, seeds containing in their genome, the present, the past and the future. From the atom to the cosmos, everything is linked. I am therefore inspired freely by these archetypes.

Unique pieces! hand made, like no other, created, imagined, crafted by the ceramic artist. Loot of a long work, a life long work, issued from both a creative and a technical process, they represent the artist, his skills, dexterity, they are their child!

Dimensions: 5,91 l x 5,51 H x 11,81 L in.

Weight: 1,060 kg.