Fany G

Portrait de Fany G

The modeling of a bird and its coloring require both daydreaming and concentration. During drying, the fragility of the raw clay makes me take special care. In the kiln, the birds are subjected to a metamorphosis that is invisible and escapes me.

By experience but also by affinity, I trust the fire.

With raku tongs I take out of the kiln under heat each animal, then covered with wooden shavings, a new fire kinks the skin colored with enamel. I prepare for each bird, metal legs which are going to attribute him its position, its balance, its posture.

Ceramic fowls - Data sheet

  • Unique parts modelled in the mass of grogged clay.
  • Enamelling with earthenware enamels mixed between them or with Sinter (craquelure). Use of copper and silver nitrate for the effects of luster.
  • Fast firing in a gas kiln (Raku).
  • Opening of the kiln in 980°C after reduction, then taken out with clamps.
  • Fumigation in the straw or plants. 
  • Cooling in water.
  • Weld of the legs with steel reinforcement bar, iron twisted according to the size, mounting and sticking..

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