Sophie Luline

Palpable spontaneity.

Sophie Luline's work is very personal and is clearly not based on training or a traditional academic approach. She has long used ceramics as an amateur, but passion has finally been stronger than reason. After collaborating with architects, she moved to Savoy, France as a ceramist in 2011.

After a few years of personal research around the high temperature to work on stoneware and porcelain, her style asserts itself.

When inspiration comes to her, Sophie draws: ”Sketch is exploring the possible, it allows to visualize the piece and examine the technical constraints. Some pieces go through the realm of dreams before taking shape on paper. But once I'm hands in clay, everything happens naturally. The right gesture comes in a kind of euphoria, as carried by a stream. While working the material, I receive other ideas, and I am then pushed by an energy often at the origin of my most successful creations.”

She works mostly with porcelain she loves for its softness and its technical requirements, she sometimes combines with sandstone for contrasts. “I am always looking for the spontaneous gesture, the one acquired by the experience but which seems natural, and which gives life to the piece.

These ceramics can be very colorful using engobes and enamels that she uses as the painter uses his palette. The textures she prints in the material are like a mark of the moment, "The clay helps to crystallize the gesture and the movement given to the piece. The fire, a full-fledged actor in the creation process, takes care of the rest. "

Sophie draws inspiration from the elements of nature to which she recharges, including the marine environment she particularly likes. These pieces are not without echoing the human condition. The "cups" symbols of sharing are an example.

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