Marie Rancillac

After studies of styling and a career in fashion, I decided of dedicate myself to ceramic sculpture. To model clay I preferred, instead of representing naked women, to choose my models in "still lives", fruits and vegetables.

What is more noble, more attractive than the curve of a gourd, the bulge of a turnip, the curve of a pear to the sculptor’s eye. The attractions, the anthropomorphic fascinations are countless.

I use grogged stoneware from which I appreciate its flexibility and its plasticity,

I also like its hardness after firing. Between work with plates and the coils,

I rise, by smoothing them, ribbons of clay shaping forms which will be assembled,
attached or piled. What dominates finally is the volume, generosity, the offering expressed by these sculptures; but also the pleasure to estimate, to compare these flattering curves, make them compete in a poetic strategy.

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