Anne Bulliot

Pure chance that I entered the Strasbourg Decorative Arts School? No, I chose the earth workshop certainly because my aunt in Lyon was giving ceramics lessons in a social cultural center where I had accompanied her sometimes.
What is sure it is that I discovered that I could love school and a new way which was going to motivate me from then... It's the beginning!

I took over a ceramist's workshop in 1986. Period when the ceramists practiced the smoky clays, the raw clays without enamel. I took the clay and put it in movement. Folded it, torn it, rolled up, the result gave powerful materials. But this excess of material energy gave me the desire to smooth it, to polish it partially to play with contrasts and to calm things down.
This work was set up gradually and with new movements... new forms!

The fumigation brought me nearer to these charcoal drawings which we made in class, I found these dense blacks where we erased whites with the breadcrumbs gum. Later, it's with the blowtorch that I re-oxidized certain points of the piece to illuminate it

I have been studying this work of polished clay filled with smoke for about fifteen year.

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