Steen Kepp


These are unique ceramics, fired in a wood kiln during 10 days (and 10 nights)!

In an Annagama wood firing kiln type "Yakishime", it is the first kiln of this type to be built in France 1977 at "La Borne" central France.

In 1982, we counted only 5 kilns of this type in the world.

These are the last pieces from this kiln when Steen Kepp came to do the last wood firing in 2010. Steen Kepp named the kiln: Ko-no-yama (The mountain of the child). This kiln marks an important period in the history of kilns at "La Borne" by which several potters were inspired, i.e. E. Astoul, H.Rousseau, E. Meunier...

A complete article on this danish ceramic artist appeared in the Magazine of the "Ceramics and glass" N°176 january-february 2011 de la céramique et du verre

A wider explanation of the Tanegashima techique, sometimes called Yakishime.