Patrick Crulis - Jury Price 2015 salon céramique 14 - PARIS

«At present, I work ceramic in enamelled stoneware.

My parts are turned and/or constructed to the plate,
Then they are "engobe", enamelled then fired at 1 270°C into an electric kiln, execution of pieces is fast in an Expressionistic spirit.

I draw sculptures before begining work of the clay, so every part is unique.

My work is also influenced by modern artists and contemporaries, in particular Pablo Picasso, Julian Schnabel, Phillip Guston, AR Penck, Mike Kelley and Tony Cragg.

My personal experiences and jazz are very important for me as inspiration sources, improvised music resounds constantly in my workshop.

My sculptures evolve constantly, I am always ready to take risks, which seems to me essential to the creative process.

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