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Exhibiting on ceramic.degotrade

You wish to present your works on ceramic.degotrade ?
We are constantly looking for talent.

Our approach

ceramic.degotrade offers exclusively ceramic, original works produced by living artists. Every piece are art works, limited series or unique pieces, handmade, numbered and/or signed.

Artists present ceramic.degotrade are selected on the basis of their book and career. All applications are examined by the selection committee of

We appreciate: the technical level, the aesthetic quality of the works, the artistic approach and the career of the artist.

The decisions rendered do not represent a judgment on the quality, the interest of your work. They are the representation of sensibilities that make up this committee and are based not only on what is mentioned above but also on our desire to maintain a harmonious selection.

We will come back to you to signify our response, within 4 to 6 weeks.

What we propose

  • We develop your profile page through the elements you provide us and lay out the parts on the site. The number of pieces is not fixed, is not limited ;
  • we are holding a blog where the activity of the artists is held. We announce your presence on exhibitions, exhibitions, upcoming markets etc. More all the news related to ceramics, press articles, videos. We also use for this purpose social networks: Facebook, google +, Pinterest, twitter ;
  • when a sale is made on the site, the price of the transport is calculated automatically and paid by the buyer then we send you an email with the Colissimo slip (or carrier) to stick on the cardboard.
  • Only the packing and the deposit with the post office remains to be done by your care. Insurance is provided in case of loss or breakage. We ship all over the world.<

ceramic.degotrade is only remunerated by charging a commission of 20% on the HT sale of each piece.

Submitting your application

Send the following items to :
using the plateform

The photos of the works (tiff format, high definition jpeg or pdf), their dimensions, their weight, the year of production, the firing, the price you ask for it (our selling price must not be lower than what is done in other galleries, expos, salons… nor superior).

Your cv describing your career (training, exhibitions, awards …), a presentation of your approach, description of your work, your aspirations and inspirations…

Once the committee has given you a positive response, send us if you have any, your videos, photos, everything related to your production, your news. It will contribute to the blog’s life and news.

Thank you for your understanding, awaiting your application and see you soon !