Sculpture noire et rouge

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Art Ceramic, Art Object

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Haute boîte noire gravée, bois flotté. By Martine Venant, art ceramist 2017.

Unique piece in earthenware enamelled at 1000°C, each piece is fired 3 or 4 times.

It is always difficult to talk about the work of an artist. The difference between what the creator wanted and what the viewer feels is not always in adequacy. But in the end, it's the pleasure that counts, pleasure that the artist feels during the creation, pleasure, emotion that the spectator will have to discover them, to watch them every day in his inner space.

A gift with a soul! Who has never heard that books have a soul, the soul of the one who wrote them, and of those who read and dreamed about them. So yes, inanimate objects have a soul.

Dimensions: 3,35 l x 14,17 H x 6,69 L in.

Weight: 1,600 kg.